Friday, March 15, 2013

9 Days and 9 Reasons

(38 weeks, 5 days)

Here comes the countdown. I kept telling myself I wanted to make it to Friday, and I have. And now I'm ready. I have 9 days left until my due date and here are my top 9 reasons why I am SO ready for Miss Quinn to make her grand entrance.

9.  As much as I love and appreciate these wonderful maternity clothes that I got from my good friend Jennifer, I am so over them and would love very much to never see them again :)
8.  Heartburn, Heartburn go away.  I have had it for about 2 months now and it has got. to. go.
7.  I need to run.  I need to run so I can chase Owen in public (he is always headed in the opposite direction). I need to run so I can race Brent to the mailbox again (a daily ritual we have).  And I need to run because it is starting to get warm outside and that gives me the running itch.
6. Like my maternity clothes and my heartburn, these support hose have got. to. go.  With every pregnancy comes an ailment and for this one it was bad, BAD vericose veins.  Thank goodness it was a winter pregnancy and I was able to stand wearing these support hose to help with the pain.  Too much info?  Sorry.
5. I've forgotten what it's like to sleep through the night without having to get up to pee.  Since she has dropped, my night schedule goes about like this: 10pm-pee, go to bed; 12am-pee; 2 am-pee; 6 am-pee; and then I'm usually up for good by that point because it's just annoying.  Not that a newborn feeding/sleeping schedule is going to be much better but atleast I will have good company :).
4. I have a room full of precious little girl stuff that needs to be used and worn by a speical little girl.
3. I am so excited to see Brent and Owen with their little sister.  Brent, especially.  He asks about her every day and tells me he can't wait to see her and hold her and I know he means it.  He is going to be such a great big brother to Quinn and a tremendous help to me.
2. I can't wait to see my tough hubby melt with a little girl.  He may not know it's coming, but I do.  She is going to have him wrapped and he is going to eat every word he has ever said about me being so soft with Owen (my Momma's boy).
1. My top reason??  I am about to explode with excitement at the thought of holding and cuddling and squeezing my little girl for the first time.  I want to stare at her and fall in love all over again with my precious gift from God!

...Not to mention, I just got my hair cut and styled today so I am ready to deliver this baby in style.  C'mon Quin!!!


Monday, March 11, 2013

An update on Quinn

When I went for my 36 week appointment we discovered that little miss had decided to flip and was bottom-down instead of her previous head-down position.  I was so stressed out for a week wondering if she would flip again on her own or if the Dr. would have to try and turn her and if not, if I would have to have a C-section.  But after many prayers and a priesthood blessing from my wonderful hubby we went for my 37 week check-up where we discovered she had flipped again and is now head-down and ready for D-day.  I have never had an ultrasound this late in my pregnancy and it was a really neat experience to be able to see her growth.

We were able to see that she does infact have hair!  I have had horrible heartburn the last month or 2 and have always heard that means the baby will come out with hair.  Not really sure if it has any truth to it but I am really excited to see some hair.  You can see it some in this pic right in the center of her forehead.

Look at that sweet face with those full cheeks and pouty lips.  I can not wait to get my hands on her and get my cuddles!

We also were able to check again on the gender which I have to admit was a relief considering all the time and money that has been poured into all things girly for her arrival.  She measured perfectly and they guessed her weight to be around 6 lbs, 8 oz.  So, if she goes to her due date she should be 7.5-8 lbs. which is about the same as my boys.

So, we are down to 13 days left to D-day and I think I almost have everything done.  I am hoping she will hold off until after Saturday because I still have a few things I want to do but ofcourse would be THRILLED to see her anytime now.  So, no more flipping Miss Quinn and we will see you soon!!