Friday, January 21, 2011

Oh, the things they say...

Brent is getting to the age now where he is really learning to express his own thoughts and ideas through words instead of just repeating what we have taught him to say in certain situations. At times this can be really annoying and tiresome. But for the most part, it's just really stinkin' cute. I have heard of people keeping journals where they write down the funny, clever things their children say. I think that is a really neat idea so I am going to use my blog for this.

The other day we were playing over at Grandma and Papa's house and Brent was playing with a Lightning McQueen car. Brent and Papa both have this same car and I just figured he was playing with Papa's car since we were at his house. When it was time for us to leave Brent tried to take the car with him and I told him he had to leave it because it was Papa's and that he could play with his at home. After a little resistance, he left the car and we went home. Well, when we get home Brent and I searched everywhere for his car and couldn't find it. I put him to bed and told him we would look for it again in the morning. The next morning we were sitting at the table eating breakfast and Brent says "I am going to go put my shoes and my jacket on. I'm ready to go. I'm going bye-bye". I reply, "Oh really? Where are you going?" Brent exclaims, "I am going to Grandma and Papa's house to get my Lightning McQueen car!" So, it turns out that that was his car. Oops!

This morning Brent and I were playing trains and Owen was sitting in his Bumbo seat watching. Owen spits up (for the 50th time today) and Brent says, "Mom! Owen spit up his milk. He don't like it!" This is what Brent does when he doesn't like his food so he assumes that is why Owen spits up his milk. I love how their minds work. So simple, and straight to the point!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy 5 Year Anniversary to Us!

I wasn't going to blog about this because I'm just not in the mushy mood these days but I figured 5 years from now I would like to look back on this post and see how far we've come. So, yesterday was our 5 year Anniversary! Yay for us! We celebrated by going out to eat at Kanki (per my request). It was a really nice evening out with Brandon. It made me feel so old though because there was a group of about 10 girls across from us celebrating a sweet 16 birthday. Man! They were so annoying. I'm sure I was at that age too.

After Owen turns 1 and I quit nursing we plan to go to the mountains for a week to REALLY celebrate :)!!

Highlights of the last 5 years:

2006-We got married and sealed for time and all eternity in the Raleigh, NC Temple. We lived in a little apartment for 6 months in Washington, NC. We bought our first house in Washington, NC. We fought ALOT, but it was good for us because we were able to hash it all out in the first year and learned to compromise.

2007-I graduated from ECU with a degree in Psychology. I got my first "real" job working as an Employment Specialist for BCDC. We didn't know it yet, but by December of this year we were baking a little Brent in my belly :)

2008- We found out we were pregnant and had Brent in September. I quit my job to stay home with Brent. Brandon got a promotion and we sold our house.

2009- We moved to Rocky Mount.

2010- We welcomed baby Owen into our family.

So, in is good. Life is good because I have a happy, strong marriage, 2 wonderful boys, I know that I have a Heavenly Father and Savior that love me, and loving family and friends. What more could anyone ask for?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Alllllll Aboard!

Brent's BIG gift from Santa this year was a set of tickets to ride on the REAL train that we have here in Rocky Mount. Brent is really into trains right now. Train movies, train books, Thomas the Train toys, etc. It all started back in November when we showed him the Polar Express Movie. He has memorized most of the movie and the music on it and walks around the house quoting the dialogue and singing the songs. It's pretty stinkin cute!

So, this past weekend Brandon, Brent, and I took the train to Wilson. It was about a 20 minute ride and Brent loved every minute of it! He was not afraid at all and asked to ride it again as soon as we got off. Next year, if he is still in love with trains, we hope to take him on the Polar Express.

While we were waiting for the train to arrive it started snowing. It was pretty magical.

One anxious little boy!

Tickets please! Brent loved giving the conductor his ticket.

The steps were really icey so we had to be extra careful.

Enjoying the view!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy 3 Months Baby Owen!

Owen is 3 months old today. He is fatter, longer, happier, and sleeping better. We have moved up a size in clothes and diapers. I love this stage when they start getting some chunk on them! Owen is getting better at holding his head up and has even sat in the Bumbo seat some.

He loves to be held and cuddled. Owen really likes music and colorful lights. He likes it when I sing to him or play music. He is smiling and cooing a lot now and even has this adorable little squeal when he gets really excited! He is sleeping about 7 hours through the night and still naps after every feeding throughout the day. Unfortunately he still has reflux pretty bad but we are still enduring it. He hates hiccups, passing gas, and gets really mad when you have to change his clothes 10 times in a day because he's puked all over them.

Brent is getting a lot more affectionate with Owen which is so fun to watch. He hugs him, kisses him, and sometimes asks to hold him. Owen likes to watch Brent play but isn't real fond of his aggressive kisses or squeezing. Life is good in the Cutrell house! We count our blessings every day!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas 2010

This Christmas was busy, busy but a great one! I imagine they will just get busier and busier the bigger our family gets. We started off with Christmas at my parents Christmas Eve. Then Santa came to visit and we got to have Christmas at our house Christmas morning. Then we went to Brandon's parents to have Christmas that night. The next day we went to Brandon's Granny's house to have Christmas there. The boys were spoiled as usual and they had a blast! Here are pics (to the right) from the events.