Saturday, February 27, 2010


Tonight right before bedtime, Brent was SO wound up. I don't really know what started the laughing fit but it went on for a really long time and it was pretty funny. He definitely thought something was funny. We put him to bed right after this and we heard him continuing to laugh by himself in the crib. I'll take laughs over cries ANY day!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Cell

Most of our friends have more and older children than we do so I've always heard them tell really funny stories about things that their children do/say. Most of these stories involve someone getting hurt or something getten broken. Well, now I have one!

Just Friday, Brent learned how to throw stuff into the trash can. He has watched us do it for a long time and finally decided he was going to start doing it as well. I was really impressed because he was actually throwing trash into the trashcan. Well, when Brandon and I got up Saturday morning, he could not find his cell phone anywhere. We looked in all the obvious places and then began to look in the not-so-obvious places. We assumed that Brent had put it somewhere because like every other baby he loves cell phones. Just joking around, I told Brandon that he should probably check the trash can since Brent now knew how to use it. After searching every spot in the house Brent could have put the phone, I more seriously suggested that Brandon look in the trash can. Well, he did...and it was there. In the bottom resting in a puddle of who-knows-what.

Needless to say, the phone is destroyed. We spent half the day getting Brandon a new one. He was unable to retrieve any of his contacts (this is a company cell phone). But now Brent has his very own real cell phone (and holder).

It's clipped to his pants.

Look at that mischevious face!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow Day

So this was not Brent's first snow but it was the first time he actually got to enjoy the snow. Overall, I believe we got 3-4 inches where we live which is a good amount for Eastern NC. Everyone jokes and pokes fun because we don't have the equipment to handle weather like this so everything shuts down. But it is a perfect excuse to forget about work, school, responsibilities, etc. and spend time with family! So we bundled up head-to-toe, headed outside, and pretended like we knew what to do in the snow. Of the 4 of us, no doubt Pumpkin had the most fun! I am so terrible about narrowing down my pics because I just love every pic I take of Brent! ( I know, such a typical Mom). To the right is a link of our snow day pics and I also posted a couple of videos that I thought were pretty funny. Enjoy!