Monday, November 2, 2009


We had a busy, busy Halloween but it was LOADS of fun! As you can see, Brent was a pirate this year. And he was the cutest, meanest pirate ever!

Getting ready for Party #1 (Rachel's House)

At Party #2 (Crayola Moms)...this time we did a mustache. I love both of these pics because he is making a "mean pirate face"

Cake I made for Party#3 (Church chilli cook-off and trunk-or-treat)

Brent and his Pirate friend Adam..this party we had a mustache and chest hair. haha.

Brent and Grandpa

Getting ready for trick-or-treating

Brent's first Trick-or-treating experience. It was our neighbor so they actually let us in to their house.

Brent eating his treasure

Here he is assessing his "booty"