Sunday, June 2, 2013

Quinn at 2 Months

Quinn has grown A LOT in the past month.  She certainly doesn't seem like a newborn anymore.  Life with 3 has gotten somewhat easier.  I am officially grocery shopping and running errands by myself with all 3 now.  I have to admit, I dove in much sooner than I thought I would.  Sometimes you just gotta do whatcha gotta do.  I mean, we gotta eat :)  The first grocery trip was interesting.  I was nervous so I went right at lunch time and bought chick fil a for the boys.  I had Quinn in her carseat snapped onto the front of the cart, both boys sitting in the basket eating some chicken and fries, and I packed all the groceries on the bottom and all around my 3 kids.  Needless to say, I got some funny looks.  But we survived!  I have to say, the minivan really does help...much love for the mommymoblile.

So what has Quinn been up to?  She is now sleeping through the night.  Yay!!  She'll go 8-9 hours straight, feed, and then another 3 hours.  This makes me very, very happy!  So nice to have a good nights rest so I can tackle life with my 2 energizer bunnies during the day.  She still nurses like a champ.  She went "swimming" for the first time on Memorial Day (see pics below).  The water was really warm so I'm sure it just felt like a big bath.  She loves a bath, so she loved her first swimming experience.  Her looks have changed somewhat.  Her hair still stands straight up on her head, but her complexion has lightened up some.  Most people agree she looks a lot like Brent now.  She went in for her 2 month checkup this past week and just as I suspected, she is a long baby.  Here are her stats:

Weight: 11 lbs. 4 oz. (50th percentile)

Length: 23 1/2 inches (75th percentile)

What does Quinn like?  Well, she LOVES her playmat (which you can see her laying on in the first pic).  She spends a lot of time on this thing because she actually prefers NOT to be held.  Weird, I know.  Can you imagine the looks I get when people ask to hold her and I tell them this.  But it's the truth.  We've even experimented with it.  You pick her up, she cries.  You set her down she stops. Smiles. And goes to kicking her feet.  Her Dr.suggested maybe she's hot natured. Who knows?!  Sometimes I wish she would cuddle more, but I just count my blessings that she is this way and not the other extreme where she always has to be held.  That would be tough as the 3rd child.  She has also discovered her hands and fingers.  I am desperate to turn her into a paci baby.  I keep one in her crib, and one clipped to her bib when we're out.  But she just REFUSES!  Both boys took pacis and I just don't know what to think about a baby who won't take a paci and doesn't like to be held.  So, she has started to suck on her hand and fingers and this soothes her.  I am a little nervous about a thumbsucker though.  Oh well, once again I guess it could be worse. 

Quinn has also started forming this sweet little bond with Daddy :) :) :)  She LOVES for him to rock her and talk to her.  Actually, she PREFERS for him to rock her.  I rock her, she gets mad.  I get frustrated, pass her to him.  He rocks, she gets quiet and falls asleep.  Am I jealous?  Well, maybe just a little.  But mostly, it melts my heart.  She can really get herself worked up (reminds me a lot of Owen in this way) and Brandon is really good at just talking to her to calm her down.  So sweet! 

I just love this pic of her.  She looks so angelic!