Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fun in the Sun

This past weekend we took a family vacation to Atlantic Beach. This was Brent's first trip to the beach!! I haven't been back to AB in so long and we just had a wonderful time!

The first 2 nights we stayed in a condo at Southwinds. The last night we stayed with Wayne and Rachel at their condo in Summerwinds. Brent absolutely loved the beach! He loved the sand, the ocean, the shells, everything! His first 15 minutes on the beach consisted of him stuffing sand in his mouth and me rinsing it out. After a while, I think he realized he didn't like how the stuff tasted. I was really surprised at how comfortable he was out in the ocean. We are so glad that Brent likes the beach because this is just the first of many, many beach trips!

The beach made Brent really hungry!

Monday, July 6, 2009


This video is almost a minute long but you really only need to watch the first 5 seconds. I don't know how to edit it. Brent went about 2 days where all he would say was "Nana" who is Brandon's mom. I thought she would get a kick out of this!

Growth Spurts

It's so strange how babies grow. It seems like nothing changes for months and then all of a sudden, everything happens at once. Brent has been at a stand-still with growing for a couple of months now, but recently he has just filled out and gotten so tall. I barely even recognize him! He is moving around so much and is such a chatter box. He has so much personality he just keeps me entertained all day long.

We have been having a blast this summer so far. We are outside every day swimming and playing in the sun. Brandon and I run early every morning with me pushing Brent in the stroller and Brandon walking Pumpking on the leash. Such a happy little family!

The past couple of weeks, Brent is really into:

pushing things across the floor (books, dvd cases, trucks, etc.),
the word "mama" :),
opening cabinets,
rubber duckies,
and stuffed animals.

Yes, he ate the sand. No, he didn't like it.

Brent and cousin Deanna

He is such a typical little boy-loves riding the lawn mower!

Brent and best bud Landen watching the fireworks.