Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Baby Blessing

This past Sunday was a special day for our family because Brandon gave Owen his baby blessing at church. In this blessing he was promised many wonderful things if he chooses to make good choices in life and follow God's path. It's days like this that make me feel so happy and blessed to have my eternal family and a testimony of the true everlasting gospel. Life is good!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

4 Weeks

Owen is 4 weeks old today. And I thought time flew by with 1 kid! He is such a sweet boy and fits just right in our family. Overall, we have had a pretty good first 4 weeks. He is a fairly predictable baby which is really nice with 2. He eats every 3 hours or so, spits up A LOT, sleeps a lot, and poops a lot. The doctor diagnosed him with acid reflux this week and put him on some medicine. Brent had the same deal-I think our children are just destined to have this. Hopefully he'll just grow out of it like Brent did. Good news is, it is not affecting his growing. He already weighs 9 lbs!

Owen is so sweet when he is awake. He just lays there and stares at you in awe. I am so anxious to see how he looks as he gets older because he doesn't look a thing like Brent as a baby. Here are some cute pics I took of him in a pumpkin. Such a good sport!

Trick or Treat

I wasn't sure if we were going to be able to participate in all the Halloween Festivities this year because of the timing of Owen's arrival. But with the combination of him showing up a week early and being such a good baby that I can just take anywhere and he sleeps, we carried on the Halloween tradition as usual.

Now that Brent is getting older it's fun to do things in the kitchen with him. We decided to make some Halloween sugar cookies. He thought that the cookie dough was playdough and refused to eat it because he knows eating playdough is a BIG NO-NO.
Can't argue with that!

We actually went to a couple of Halloween parties but the biggest was our church's annual trunk-or-treat/chilli cook-off. It was a lot of fun and Brent sported his new red trike dressed up as a "biker dude" while Owen was a little angel and slept dressed up as a "little devil".