Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Has it seriously been 9 months already?

Everyone warned me that he would grow so fast but I had no idea it would be this fast! I just can't get over how big Brent is getting and how independent he is becoming. We went to the doctor today for Brent's 9 month checkup and he is doing wonderful! Ofcourse, we didn't need a doctor to tell us this, we know he's perfect :). He is now 15 lbs. 10 oz. and 27.5 in. long. Yay!! Thankfully we did not have any shots today.

I like to keep record of the things that Brent loves because they are so interesting to me and I know they will change with each new stage. Right now Brent loves: crawling on hardwood floors, pulling Pumpkin's tail, getting in Pumpkin's face so she will lick him to death, small children, FOOD of every sort, pens, shoelaces, plug-in air freshners, and balls. There are many, many more but these are just a few.

^First bruise-acquired yesterday from a kitchen chair

^My fav. pic in the whole world!

^Can you see the mohawk?