Thursday, January 26, 2012

Baby Steps

Although Owen is nearly 16 months old now he is still very much a baby to me.  Staying true to his nature, he has really taken his time hitting most of the "milestones" which makes him seem younger than he actually is.  About a week ago he started taking his first steps.  And by steps I mean Brandon and I were forcing him to walk back and forth between us.  After he got over the fear of taking those initial steps within a couple days he was taking steps on his own.  Now, just in the past 2 days he has been walking A LOT.  We played outside today and he was walking all over the yard.  It's really weird seeing him walk but I'm excited (and unprepared) for all the trouble he and Brent are going to get into now.  Watch out world!  The Owenator (that's what we call him) is about to become very mobile.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Our family had a great Christmas this year spent doing what we do best...eating good food and spending time with loved ones.

Christmas Eve was spent with my family.

My kids got spoiled rotten as usual.

 Look at the cute dress we got Scarlett :)
 Pretty sure I have one of these pics for every family gathering.
 An attempt at getting a pic of Granny and the great-grands.  This time everyone is looking but the 1 adult in the photo.

Christmas morning at home.

Sleepy boy with his new singing puppy.

 Brent asked Santa for a Mater Monster Truck.

 Pumpkin was a good girl too.

 This year, Owen gave Brent a bike (it was actually a used on someone gave us and we just fixed it up and put trainig wheels on it) and then Brent gave Owen his old Lightning McQueen car that he's now too big for.  This was a big step for Brent.  He was very attatched to this car. 
 Owen still looks asleep.

Christmas night spent with Brandon's family.

Brent and Owen have the best cousins in the world!

 That is one happy kid with his chugginton trains.

Hoping everyone's Christmas was as wonderful as ours!  And wishing everyone a new year filled with love, growth, and happiness!!