Thursday, July 14, 2011

Owen is 9 months!

Owen turned 9 months last week but we were on vacation so we just went to the doc yesterday for his checkup. All my family has been commenting lately on how big he is getting and I feel like he is turning into a little chunk too.  Well, he may be a little chunk but apparently there are a lot of big chunks out there (based on the percentile).
Here are his stats:

Weight: 18lbs. 8 oz. (25th percentile)
Height:  26 3/4 in. (10th percentile)
Head:    17 3/4     (50th percentile)

He has always measured pretty short.  Don't know if this will change or if he is going to be built more like the men on my side of the family.  Owen does seem to be shorter and stalkier (is that even a word) like my brother Christian.  Only time will tell...

Okay, enough about his physical attributes.  Can I just say that I LOVE THIS KID!  Man, he is so much fun!  He smiles and laughs and talks and plays and cuddles all day long!  He has found a means of transportation now.  Scooting? no  Crawling? no  Rolling?  yes!  I will put him sitting down in the middle of a room with toys all around him.  He will play for a while and once he gets bored he will throw himself back and just start rolling.  It's really cute.  Most of the time he will roll to the nearest person then yell at you until you say something to him.  Then he looks back up at you with this huge smile.  So awesome!

We also have teeth now!  Yes sir, his 2 front teeth on the bottom are in.  So we are biting EVERYTHING (including people).  Owen's greatest accomplishment at 9 months??  He now says "ma ma".  The most beautiful sound to my ears :)  He mostly says it when he's whining but still, it is sweet.

This is Owen watching fireworks on July 4th.  He was not scared a bit (unlike big brother :-o).

 This was at the lake house.  I mean, look at that smile!  You could fit a small plum inside that mouth!

Again, at the lake.  I was just commenting to my mom how Owen was doing such a good job not eating the sand.  That'll teach me to brag about my children!  Actually, probably not.  I will always brag about them because they are perfect :).

I am excited and kind of nervous to see what the next couple of months are going to bring.  I see more mobility and independence coming his way.  I invision Owen crawling, scooting, rolling (whatever) one way while Brent is booking it the other.  Yikes!  I also imagine Owen getting in to all of Brent's stuff and Brent really not liking this (let the brotherly fights begin!)  Whatever they bring, I'm sure it will be memorable and I will love just about every moment of it!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My family at the lake

We just got back from a 5 day trip with my family to Lake Hartwell in Georgia. We have some family that owns a lakehouse there and they were gracious enough to let us use it.

Brent's first tubing experience.  He liked it until a big boat drove by and we went bumping pretty hard over its wake.

Owen chilling with Grandpa in the boat.

Owen and Daddy.  Owen was exhausted by this point.

Grandma getting some good, sweet sugars from Owen.  We drove the boat to this little island and parked.  It was really nice-like our own private beach.

 Chamber.  Yes, Amber is 7 months pregnant riding a waverunner.

 The two lovebirds, soon to be married couple.

 I figured this was a safe place to stick Owen while I fixed Brent some lunch on the dock.

Both boys absolutely loved the water.  Brent turned into quite the little fish while we were gone.

The last night we were there we roasted marshmallows and played with sparklers!