Sunday, September 2, 2012

4 Going on 14

Dear Brent,

       Yesterday was your birthday and you turned 4.  Now, usually I would say, "I can't believe you're 4 already!" But honestly, I have felt like you were 4 for a while now.  You are so grown up in the way you talk and how sweet you are with Owen.  Don't get me wrong.  You are still the typical out-of-control, ball of energy, little boy you've always been.  You just seem so mature with your deep questions and intellectual conversations.  I love this about you.  Although exhausting at times (why Mommy?), you are always eager to learn and absorb everything like a sponge.
      By far, my most favorite character trait you have right now is being a good big brother.  You aren't perfect, but have come such a long way.  I love how you are so encouraging to Owen and constantly call him "buddy".  "It's ok buddy"  "You're doing good buddy".  LOVE it!!
      You are still tough as nails but recently we have been able to see a different, more sensitive side of you.  It has been nice to see you this way (even if it doesn't stick).  It's so much fun to watch you explore your talents and try new things.  You love to run!, swim, and play any kind of sport.  You are just starting to sight read some and are picking it up so fast!  It is such a joy to teach you and watch you get excited about learning new things.
     We love you so much and feel so blessed that we are your parents!!

                                                                                                                 Love,  Mommy

     We gave Brent the option this year of having a birthday party at home with friends or going to the waterpark with family.  He chose to go to the waterpark "Wet N' Wild" in Greensboro.  We had a BLAST!  I'm pretty sure we will go back every year.  My mom, sister, Brandon's sister, and her girls came with us.  We also had another family from church meet us out there.

For those of you who don't know, Brandon has a HUGE mouth.  This is the one physical trait Owen took from him.  Kara bet him he couldn't fit the whole cupcake in his mouth...and he did.

They have a perfect little kiddy area.

Lazy River


Brent and Kara

This is one 4-year old who actually gets excited about new clothes and shoes.  He definitely has his own style and I pretty much am not allowed to have an opinion on the matter anymore.

Brandon has done an excellent job brainwashing encouraging Brent to become an NC State fanatic.  The color "red" is no longer "red".  It is "NC State red".

His present from us this year was a big boy basketball goal.  The first words out of his mouth when he saw it, "Wow! That really is a BIG basketball goal!"  He has been outside playing basketball pretty much ever since.