Wednesday, October 24, 2012


In preparation for Baby #3, we moved Owen into Brent's room last week.  The original plan was to transition him into a toddler bed first in his own room and then bunk him with Brent.  We are down to 5 months and counting until Baby #3 gets here and I really don't feel that Owen is ready to get out of the crib yet.  So, per our pediatrician's suggestion we moved the crib into Brent's room.  And that is why they get paid the big bucks. 

I can not BELIEVE how smoothe this transition has been.  I was totally prepared to have to go into their room 20 times before they fell asleep and find Brent in Owen's crib.  Nope. Not one peep.  Both asleep in minutes.  I was in shock.  I actually said to Brandon, "there is no way it was just that easy".  So they have been roomies for about a week now and it's like they've always shared a room.  The only downside is, Brent's room has these really high ceilings with a huge arch window that isn't covered so Owen gets up when the sun comes up.  I am currently working on something to solve this problem.

So, I may have snuck into their room after they fell asleep just to take a picture.  So sweet!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Perfectly Fall Day

I realize it has been fall for a couple weeks already but today just felt like a perfectly fall day!  The sun was shining, temps in the 60s.  Perfect for long pants and longsleeves.  My Fav!  I'm not much for carving pumpkins right now seeing as I would have to do all the work.  The tracing, the cutting, the digging of the seeds (Brent refuses), etc.  So we picked out these adorable little guys to decorate our pumpkins with.  They are perfect for small kids.  No knives, no mess.  Yay for fall and all it's accessories!!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Baby Boy!!

We knew this day was coming.  The signs started a couple months ago.  Shouting the word "NO" as a response to every question asked.  Tantrums at home. Tantrums at church. Tantrums at stores.  Tantrums everywhere over everything.  Less interested in eating and more interested in playing (haha, right.)  Who am I kidding, that will never happen to Owen. But the rest are true.  I make it sound really miserable to be the mother of a toddler.  Actually, it's awesome.  I love this little kid so much and he brings endless amounts of joy and laughter to our family.  Really, he is a trip.

My favorite things about Owen?  I love that Owen is going to grow up and be some sort of musician, dancer, musical artist of some sort some day.  All you have to do is put on some music, clap your hands, or even just tap out a beat and this kid literally drops whatever he's doing, and DANCES.  And if he knows the song, he sings along.  It is the most entertaining thing I have ever seen a little kid do (I know, I am WAY partial.) 

I love that Owen is such a "loner".  And I mean this in a totally good way.  He does not want to be the center of attention (which is a very good thing with Brent as his older brother).  He would much rather go off in a corner or another room and quietly play.  EVERY mother needs a child like this.  It is WONDERFUL!  Self-entertaining is a talent and a blessing.

My most favorite thing of all??  Owen is sweet and cuddly and fluffy and a Momma's Boy.  I never feel deprived of affection when this little guy is around.  I hope and pray that he never outgrows this (good luck, I know).

So Happy 2nd Birthday to a special little boy! I can't wait to see you continue to learn and grow!

 Happy Birthday Breakfast Favorite for Owen.  Candles in a donut.  And Owen ate the most out of everyone at the table...3 donuts.

 This was Owen's gift from us.  A BIG hit for both boys if I might say so myself.

 The Birthday Lunch Spread. 

 Little Miss Scarlett :)

 Owen tasting one of his new toys.  He still puts EVERYTHING in his mouth.  It's embarrassing the things this child has eaten.

 Do you see me stiff-arming Brent?  As I mentioned earlier, one of my children (ah-hum, Brent!) has a need of being in the middle of everything and today was a struggle for him.  Gift opening time consisted of me dragging Owen out of the playroom every couple of minutes (where he was alone) and pushing Brent away so Owen could open his own presents.

This is where I turn into a crappy Mom because my camera died and this is the last picture I got.  We were getting ready to do cake time.  However, I do LOVE this picture because the expression on Owen's face combined with the fact that he has my dad in some sort of collar grip is just hilarious to me!  I wonder what is going on in his mind.  Something along the lines of, "Ok old man, bring me my cake!".  Love this kid!!!!