Monday, July 1, 2013

3 Months Old ~Girly Time~

Little Miss Thang is 3 months old now!  It's crazy how much changes in a month with a baby.  She is smiley, smiley, smiley, with an occasional hard-earned chuckle.  She no longer is the baby who doesn't like to be held.  In fact, we think we figured out the deal with this.  After reading some material about certain foods that tend to upset babies through breast milk, I did some experimenting and found that when I eat dairy, it upsets her stomach.  So, ever since I cut dairy out of my diet we have noticed a big change in her.  We think she was uncomfortable, and holding her just made it worse.  So now everyone can get all the snuggles they want!  Just no icecream for mommy :( or cheese, or milk, or sour cream.... It's ok! She's worth it!

I know I'm partial, but couldn't you just eat her up!!

Someone thinks they are all grown!  Standing is her new favorite thing.  You will be her best friend if you just hold her up so she can stand. Btw, do I see a little ginger in that hair??? Time will tell...

I was talking to a friend the other day and she asked me if it felt different having a little girl.  I told her up to this point, it kind of just felt like another baby.  She told me that after having her girl (she already had a boy) she felt this instant connection with her like she had found herself again after all those years of being in "boy world" with cars and trucks.  I think I felt a little bit of that for the first time today.  All the boys (Daddy included) were down for a nap and I had some alone time just with Quinn.  We were lying on my bed and I was talking to her while she looked at me so intently.  I began thinking about all the fun stuff we have in store for us together in the future as girls.  This may sound silly, but I began to remember how much I truly love being a girl.  I can't wait to share all these things with my daughter.  So we had a little photo shoot of just the 2 of us in bed.  It was fun.  I am starting to get comments about how she looks like me now and I must say, I. am. loving. it.  So, keep them coming :) Even if you don't think so ;)

She is SO sweet! Ahhh!