Saturday, October 31, 2009

"My Baby's Got Rhythm"

Brent LOVES to dance. We dance a lot at home just messin' around and it is one of his favorite pastimes. What cracks me up the most is when we are out in public at a restaurant or a store and they are playing music in the background with a good beat and Brent will just break out into a dance. Brandon went hunting this morning so Brent and I were just playing around listening to music and dancing and I recorded a minute or so of him breaking it down. Enjoy!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Indianapolis, Indiana

Brandon had yet another business trip this past week and this time it was to Indianapolis, Indiana. He is the FFA (Future Farmers of America) representative for his company in the area. He got permission to take Brent and me with him on this trip, and ofcourse we went. Brent may look like his Daddy, but his personality is much more like his Mommy...we like to go!

So, before leaving, I did a little bit of research on where we were staying. While doing so, I discovered that we were 3 miles from the LARGEST Children's Museum in the world! I was so pumped! I also discovered that our beautiful hotel was connected to a HUGE mall! Oh yeah! Fun for Brent and fun for Mommy!

I was a little nervous about the flight since our little buddy has turned into such an active little guy. Actually he has always been real active it's just now he can run! Well, he was perfect on the plane, I can't complain at all.

Our first full day there we attempted to go to the museum. And I use the word attempt because I totally pulled a "Crystal". After discovering that the hotel shuttle would not take us to the museum and it was going to cost $40 to take a cab there, I decided I was going to push Brent in a stroller and walk it. I mean, I run 2 miles a day so I figured I could easily walk 3 miles. And I the wrong direction! After about an hour of walking in a less-than-welcoming area I stopped to ask someone how close I was to the museum. The response I got was, "Oh honey, you are real far from the museum". Yeah, turns out I went the wrong way right off the bat. So I decided that I was not going to walk back, I was going to take a bus. After attempting to get on 3 different buses we finally got on the correct bus which took us right back to our hotel. We were gone for 3 hours and accomplished nothing! But I was just happy to make it back safely to our hotel.

So, the next day we took the bus to the museum and had a WONDERFUL day! I have never seen Brent so excited! He played so hard for about 3 hours until he was absolutely exhausted! I was really impressed with this museum and would totally recommend it to anyone with children passing by the area. It would have taken us 3 days to do all they had to do in this museum.

The next day, we shopped! ;) Enjoy pics of our trip to the right ----->

Monday, October 19, 2009

Tis the Season...

...for HUNTING! This past Saturday was the first day of rifle deer hunting season. Brandon and I got up early that morning and went hunting while Nana watched Brent. We saw several deer that morning and Brandon shot at an 8-pointer but it was a long shot and he missed. After a lunch break we went back out and took Brent with us. We saw several more deer and I shot at a 4-pointer and missed...7 times. Man! I was ticked! That deer was just staring at me like I was crazy because I couldn't shoot him. As for now, we are blaming it on my scope. Brandon has been saying for the past 2 years that I need a new scope because the one I have is cheap and gets knocked off real easy. So, before we go hunting again. I am going to get a new scope and then we'll really be able to tell if it's the hunting equipment, or the hunter.

We let Brent drive back on the Hunting Club.

Don't worry, Daddy was helping.

A spike-horn posed for us!

Hunting wore Brent slam out!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Star Struck!

Brandon and I went to Charleston, SC this past weekend with his company. Brent stayed with his Nana and Da (Brandon's parents) while we stayed at the Charleston Place Hotel in downtown Charleston. It was a really nice trip! The first night we were there we went for a carriage tour downtown. We visited a historic mansion and ate dinner there. Brandon and I were able to go for a run down to the water one morning and take in the beautiful view!

The second day went we did a little shopping and strolled through the market where we bought a few things. That evening we ate dinner with the group at the hotel. Brandon and I went for a walk around the hotel after dinner and decided to go to the spa. We were walking by the pool and guess who we saw! Shaquille freakin O'neal! O yeah! When we walked in and
Brandon said, "that's Shaq", I said, "noway", he said, "yes it is!". When we got closer Shaq looked up at us and said "look at the two love birds". We chatted for a few minutes then left him alone. No, I didn't have my camera and I didn't ask for his auto because he was obviously training and I didn't want to harass him. But yeah, I met Shaq.

I added a few others with Brent because I haven't put up any pics of him in a while.

Napping with Dada.

Chocolate Face!

I love fall weather!