Friday, December 12, 2008

Rocky Mount, here we come!

So, we have now bought a new house in Rocky Mount. Ofcourse nothing is official until closing day, but everything is under contract. I had narrowed it down to 5 houses while Brandon was in Texas and when he came back we went to look at all 5. One had already sold over the weekend and after looking at the rest Brandon only wanted to make an offer on 1 of the 4 remaining. Luckily, this was my favorite one!! I am so excited and hope that everything goes smoothly from now until Dec. 29 which is when we close on our new house. Here are some pics of it.

Yes, the pool comes with it!

Back Yard


I would have put more pics, but I felt kind of weird putting photos with someone elses furniture/stuff in it. Once we move in, I will post more pics.

Business or Pleasure??

Brandon went on a "business" trip to Valentine, Texas to go hunting. He was gone for a week and Brent and I missed him SO MUCH! Brandon hates to fly and has some "doctor ordered" assistance to help him with his flying fears.

Funny, Brandon went Mule Deer hunting and was only allowed to kill one deer. When it was his turn to shoot, he shot the deer but did not kill it. He went to shoot again and when he did, another deer standing not too far from this one fell dead. Brandon continued to shoot until he killed the deer he originally shot. He later found out that his second bullet ricocheted off of a rock and hit the second deer from the back side. How crazy is that!?!? The owner of the ranch couldn't get mad because it was a complete accident!

They were really roughing it... this is what that rode around on to hunt for deer. Brandon is sitting up front.

Pronghorn Antelope.

The Ranch they stayed and hunted on.

Brandon is on the right.

This is looking into Mexico from Texas.

Brandon's first (well, actually 2nd considering the freak accident) Mule Deer.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Bitter Sweet Move

Brandon and I have been trying to sell our house for about 8 months now. Brandon is now working in Rocky Mount and we decided it would be best to move closer to his work. Well, we put our house under contract the day before Thanksgiving and have to be out TWO DAYS before Christmas! Kind of crazy but we are excited about the move. We love Washington and and our little home here. We have really made a family here with the people at our Church. We have also enjoyed being an hour from Brandon's family as well as mine. The move is carrying us further away from Brandon's family but closer to i said, bitter sweet. We are supposed to be choosing a house tomorrow. We really look forward to making new memories and meeting new people but we will certainly miss the ones we are leaving behind!

It's so Amazing...

It's so amazing the things that excite you as a parent. Brent rolled over for the first time today! Yay!!! It's funny because I was actually talking with a friend about it this morning at church and told her that he was getting so close. I tried to get him to do it again but he let me know that once was all I was getting for now.

Brent is growing up SO FAST I'm almost afraid to blink. He is talking so much! He is quite the little vocal guy. Brent has recently discovered his hands and keeps them in his mouth. He also recently discovered his bottom lip which is the cutest thing ever because he is constantly chewing on it with his little gummy mouth. We love him so much and just can't get enough!

I love this pic! Don't they look so handsome?! Brent is wearing a "Future Missionary" tag given to him by Grandma Compton.