Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy 30th!

Today Brandon turns 30. But as most of you know, we have already celebrated this wonderful milestone! For those of you who don't, I will recap. I have been planning a surprise 30th birthday party for Brandon basically since he turned 29. With a lot of help from others, we were able to pull it off and he was SO surprised! This is really something to brag about with Brandon too. It is so hard to get anything passed him. But we did it and had a blast! The evening was filled with family, friends, good food, fun music, a sentimental slideshow, and a little game with warheads and fun stories. Thanks to everyone who came out and made this a birthday Brandon will never forget. And Happy Birthday to the most wonderful husband, friend, and father anyone could ever ask for!

Trick candles :)


DJ Jazz

Thanks to Sandy for awesome cake!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Translation Please...

We had beans for dinner last night and they were having their usual effect on all of our bodies (including Owen today). Brent turned to Brandon and said (while holding his tummy) "Daddy, my baby hurts. I think I need a vitamin." Translation? "Daddy, my belly hurts. I think I need some medicine". Brandon couldn't help but to give him a vitamin after a comment like that and a few minutes later he released some pressure and said he was all better :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

4 Months Old

So people always ask me, "Is Owen a good baby?" "Is he a happy baby?" "Is he easy?" For a while I haven't been real sure how to answer these questions. But I have now come up with what I feel is an accurate response. "Owen is a very happy baby, but he is not an easy baby".

Owen has had bad reflux since birth and even after being on 2 medications for almost 4 months now it hasn't really gotten any better. Here lately he has been having a really hard time going poo which has given him a terrible tummy ache. I counted up and for the month of Jan. Owen only went to the bathroom 3 times. So far for the month of Feb. he hasn't gone yet. He also has a terrible case of craddle cap which I have been working on for 2 months now and still isn't gone! He had a hernia behind his belly button and fluid in his testicles. (too much info? sorry). Those 2 things don't cause any pain but knowing they are there are just enough to make a mom worry.

Despite all these ailments Owen is still a great sleeper and has been sleeping through the night for a couple months now. He is determined to be a happy baby so in between spitting up and trying to get rid of bad tummy pains caused by bathroom build-up he smiles and coos and sings and has just now started to laugh a bit. He actually talks ALOT. I don't know that I've ever seen a little baby talk as much as he does. If this is any indication of how he is going to be as a toddler I am in for it because Brent never shuts up. (and I mean this in a sweet, loving, motherly way :)

The doc told me over and over again how fortunate we are that Owen is able to breast feed. She said if I had him on formula I would probably want to return him to the hospital. haha. It does make me feel good to know that even though there is so little I can do to help him right now I am at least giving him that advantage. She recommended that we go ahead and put him on solids in hopes that it will help with both his reflux and bathroom issues. His first solid food: pears. She is hoping that the fiber will get him straight. So, when Brandon gets home tonight we are going to experiment!

I try very hard not to complain because Owen really is a happy, sweet baby and I know that these things are just little things and it really could be so much worse. I know we are so fortunate to have Owen in our family and I feel so blessed to be his mommy.

Here are my little man's 4 month stats:

Weight: 13 lbs. 3 oz. (25-50%)
Height: 23 in. (10%)
Head: 16.75 (50%)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Waiting Room

I took Brent to the doctor's office the other day to get the flu shot. He is old enough now to understand that going to the doctor typically is not a pleasant experience for a little kid. At this practice, they call the patient's name over an intercom that announces out in the waiting room when they are ready for you. Well, we sat in the waiting room for about 20 minutes and listened as several children's names were called and they went back to be seen. Then the nurse called "Brent Cutrell" over the intercom and Brent looks up towards this unknown voice and shouts "No Thanks!" and continues to play in the seats in the waiting room. The waiting room roared with laughs. Unfortunately, being polite did not keep him from getting a shot this day.