Wednesday, January 28, 2009

House Update...

...1 month, 12 days later and we are finally moving into our new house. It was a rollercoaster but everything ended up working out as we initially planned. We closed on our house in Washington last Thursday and closed on our new house in Rocky Mount yesterday. The seller fought it and tried to pull out of the deal at the closing table but finally decided to sell the dang thang. Thank goodness! So now we have a cleaning crew in there for the next couple of days reversing all the smoke damage that was done due to one heavy smoker. We are due to move in this Saturday!! We've enjoyed staying with my parents this last month and Brent and I both have gotten pretty spoiled. He always has someone to play with and I always have someone to watch him. It's been great but we are excited to finally move into our new house. Pool party at the Cutrell's! (when it warms up ofcourse)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sunny Florida

One negative part of Brandon's new job is the traveling that is involved. He travels about once a month but it is worth it because he has such flexible hours when he is here. Brent and I were able to benefit from his last business trip to St. Petersburg, Florida because we tagged along and did our own thing. While NC was enjoying 3-6 ft. of snow, we were in sunny Florida! It was cold the first couple of days but warmed up to 70 before we left. The best part of the trip by far was visiting family that we have in Tampa. It was a wonderful trip and we were sad to leave!

Pumpkin was able to enjoy the snow in NC without us!

Brent in the airport waiting for his first flight at almost 5 months old. He did excellent on the airplane and had no idea that he was thousands of feet up in the air.

We went to the Orlando, Florida Temple while we were there. BEAUTIFUL temple!

We also visited the Tampa, FL Aquarium. I've been to some awesome aquariums in NC but this aquarium beat them by a mile.

Brent and Daddy in the hotel.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy 4 Months Brent!

Brent is now 4 months and some change. He had his 4 month check-up yesterday and things are going great! He now weighs 14 lbs. 5 oz. (25-50th percentile) and is 25.25 in. long (50-75th percentile).

Brent is growing so fast I feel like I can't blog fast enough to keep up with all of his new tricks. We went to The Imagination Station in Wilson this week. It was a really cool place and I know Brent will be able to enjoy it more once he gets a little older.

Brent had his first taste of cereal 2 days ago. He really liked it and didn't have any problems eating.

He also is now sitting up on his own! So crazy! He gets really excited and throws himself back so we have to keep him surrounded with pillows.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Daddy Moments

I was looking at the pictures I have taken over the past month and couldn't help but ooh and ahh over these photos of Brandon and Brent.

Christmas without a Home

I was finally able to upload our pictures from Christmas. We bounced around between several houses for Christmas. It was very busy but we enjoyed spending time with all our family.

Christmas with Nana and Da Cutrell

Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Compton.

This is what Santa brought!

Christmas with Brent's Great-Grandmother on Brandon's side. Brent was hooked up with his first hunting outfit from head to toe. Now all he needs is a rifle! (Don't worry, we're not that crazy)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Still Homeless!

For those of you that I haven't spoken to in the past couple of weeks, Brandon, Brent, Pumpkin, and I are still homeless! Not only have we not closed on our new home in Rocky Mount, we have yet to close on our old home in Washington. The housing market is so crazy right now and there have been lots of bumps in the road so far. We are hoping that we are going to close on the old house this week sometime and the new house at the end of this month. As for now, we are still staying with my parents in Rocky Mount.

We had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and hope that you all did the same! Unfortunately, my camera USB cord is packed away in storage so I can't download new pics yet. But Brent is still growing like crazy and is learning new things all the time. He is really reaching out and grabbing objects now. He wants to sit up so bad but always flops forward trying to eat his feet. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING goes in the mouth now. And I'm sure this is just the beginning of that.

Brent got lots of fun things for Christmas thanks to Santa and family. One of his gifts is a jumper that he sits in and can bounce himself. This has started a new thing for Brent. Now everytime anyone holds him all he wants to do is jump and bounce! It is so cute...but exhausting! Brandon and I are doing great. It is so nice to be close to Brandon's work now. We see him WAY more and feel really blessed to be able to spend more time together as a family. Afterall, families is what it's all about!