Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mini Vacation

Brandon may be a tight wad in a lot of areas, but when it comes to family vacations we take as many as possible. This was a spontaneous vacation that we took with some of our friends to Atlantic Beach. Fortunately, it was actually pretty cheap too. We mostly just bummed around and played on the beach and at the pool. This was Owen's first time at the beach so it was fun to watch his reaction. He acted just as I expected him to. He was absolutely cool with whatever. I sat him in the sand, he played (and ate it). I put him in the water, he played. He is such an easy going kid, ahhhh.....so nice. We had a lot of fun and things went pretty smooth considering we had 14 people in a 3 bedroom condo. (Hence, why it was so cheap).

Owen was wore out after a full day at the beach and pool so he just slept under some shade on a boogie board. :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day

I know it's a day late but I just haven't had a chance to get on here before now.  We had a great weekend with family (minus a stomach bug) celebrating Fathers.   I feel so blessed to have such wonderful Fathers in my life.  My husband, my dad, my father-in-law, several other men that have been great father figures in my life growing up, and my Heavenly Father.  To honor all you great dads out there, I have a video of Brent singing (or rapping, rather) a primary song about you.  Hope you enjoy!

Just incase you can't understand a word he is saying, here are the lyrics:

"I'm so glad when Daddy comes home, glad as I can be.
Clap my hands and shout for joy then climb up on his knee.
Put my arms around his neck, hug him tight like this.
Pat his cheeks and give him what?  A great big kiss!"

Thursday, June 16, 2011

"da da" yet again

Brent's first word was "da da". I was ok with this. Daddy is just as special as mommy and Brandon had been coaching Brent to say this for a while ;) But I was determined that Owen's first word was going to be "ma ma". I had been drilling it ever since he was born. I lost. Owen started saying "da da" a couple months ago but I am just now catching it on video. It's just easier to say...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bathroom Floor Renovation

When we bought our house over 2 years ago we got a pretty good deal on it because the previous owner smoked heavily inside the house and caused quite a bit of damage. Little by little we have been doing things to the house to "clean up her mess" if you will. The last thing we had to do was replace the floors to the downstairs bathrooms because they had cigarette burns in them. Brandon wanted to put down some more linoleum but I wanted tile...I won :)

So we hired my super handy brother who does stuff like this for a living to put down the tile. He did an excellent job! Thanks Christian! I love my beautiful new floors!!

Kids/Guest Bathroom:

Master Bathroom:

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A cool updo and no place to go

For my birthday (back in April) I received a free manicure, pedicure, and hair cut from the boys. I decided to cash all 3 of these in this past week. I don't get my hair cut very often (about every 6 months) so I don't really have a regular hair stylist...until now! My mom recommended me to this new girl who has been doing her hair for the last couple months and I am in love! She spent an entire hour on my hair and only about 20 minutes of that was actually spent cutting it. She taught me some cool hair tricks and ideas for people with long hair. She is very trendy and into all the new styles. I actually had fun getting my hair cut. I would praise her name on my blog but hate to do it without her permission. But if you live in Rocky Mount and need a good hair stylist, come ask me :)

She said she always likes to send people out with a cool hair style/updo and this is what she did to my hair. I told her I didn't have anywhere to go but home but it was still a lot of fun!

Monday, June 6, 2011

8 Months Today

The things I love most about Owen at this age are...

He is sleeping AWESOME! I mean like 11-12 hours at night and 2-3 big naps a day! He seems to really be enjoying his sleep these days which is always such a joy for any mom :)

He loves water. His happiest time of day is bathtime. I put him in a pool the other day for the first time and he really enjoyed it. This is a good thing since we are in for a hot summer.

He adores Brent. It is so sweet to watch him awe over every little thing Brent does. Brent plays so rough with him (because he doesn't know how to play any other way) and Owen just eats it up.

He is a motor mouth. Sometimes it's a bit much, but for the most part it's really funny and cute. We still only understand "dada" but he says a whole lot more than that!

He is a very aggressive eater. Sometimes when he is drinking a bottle, he will take a couple sips, yell, take a couple more, yell, etc. It's funny. Now when he eats baby food he holds his mouth open and yells "ahhhhhhh" until you shove food into it. Then does it all over again. Cracks me up!

Still no signs of teeth, crawling, pulling up, rolling, or basically moving of any kind. Crazy kid. Definitely takes life at his own pace. I also love this about him :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer!

I think it's easy to say that summer has arrived with this intense humid weather. I can't really complain since we had such a beautiful spring! We have kicked off the summer just right with lots of time outside in the water. Brent was a little unsure of the water last year but seems to be over that now. Owen just loves it! No fear whatsoever. He even took a couple nose dives into our little pool and came up just a grinning. Love these boys!


Brent's first ride on a waverunner. LOVED IT!

Playdate at Luke's house:

We bought a little pool for the back yard.

New train ride at the mall. It was like pulling teeth getting him to go home after that!

Yay for summer and all the fun things you can do to enjoy it with two awesome little boys!!