Monday, June 28, 2010

Myrtle Beach for 2

Brandon won some competition at work and his prize was a weekend getaway with his wife. So, we went with another couple to Myrtle Beach! Brandon's parents kept Brent and my parents kept Pumpkin. Thank goodness for Grandparents who live close! Before leaving on our vacation we discussed that all we really cared to do was relax on the beach all day and eat good food. This is exactly what we did. And it was wonderful! We missed Brent like crazy and pointed out how he would love everything around us, but the break was necessary and good!

Good and preggers.

Check out THAT farmer's tan!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Shoe Fetish

Never in my life have I seen a 1-year-old so obsessed with shoes! Ever since Brent started wearing shoes he has shown a special interest in them. He goes through our closet every day and picks out shoes to wear around the house. Whenever we have company over he'll slip on their shoes or move them to strange places (Carla-kitchen table). I don't really know what it is about shoes but he's in love.

He's always had his favorite pair in each size. Usually, it is the tennis shoes. Just recently Brent unexpectedly went up another shoe size. I say unexpectedly because I went and bought him shoes for the summer thinking they would get him through the whole summer and now they don't fit! Anyways, so we got him some new kicks just last week and he is absolutely obsessed! He wears them all day long no matter what he is doing or where he is. If you try to take them off you get to experience a nice little tantrum. And now, his new things is untying his shoes. No matter how tight or how many knots we make in his laces, he always manages to untie them. So we go back and forth all day long tying and untying shoes.

Just yesterday Brent rolled out of bed from his nap and the very first thing he did was slip his new shoes on. It cracked me up because he was still half asleep but he was just content to have them on.

On the wrong feet ofcourse.

Later that afternoon Brent went into his drawer and brought Brandon his black dress shoes, a brown belt, and green socks. Nice. So, Brandon put them on. If shoes is what makes this little boy happy, shoes is what he'll get.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Little Athlete

From basketball to the trampoline to nearly destroying my camera...this little boy is all boy and I wouldn't have it any different!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

22 weeks and counting...

I am 22 weeks today and am feeling great! I honestly don't even feel pregnant most days. If it weren't for the occasional punch, kick, or elbow I think I could seriously go a whole day without noticing. I am so busy enjoying Brent that I don't have as much time to think about being pregnant. This is definitely a good thing because I know that can and will change any day. The days are getting hotter and my belly is getting bigger so I know the hot flashes and fat ankles are just around the corner :) But I am still so excited about being pregnant and just can't wait to meet this little guy! Brent now talks about the baby in my belly and rubs it whenever it is exposed. So cute!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Big Green Tractor

I love love love having a little boy as my first child. Especially this little boy. I think it is so stinkin adorable how he is fascinated with tractors and he is only 21 months old. We had such a great weekend together this past weekend spending time as a family. My smart and loving husband had this brilliant idea to take Brent to the John Deere store after hours on Friday so Brent could climb all over the tractors. He couldn't have been any happier if we had took him to Disney World!

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