Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Half Birthday Owen!

Owen is 6 months tomorrow. Absolutely the fastest 6 months of my life! Owen really is one of a kind. He has managed to make me feel like a brand new mama all over again even though I have a 2-year-old. What I mean by this is he is full of surprises and leaves me with a lot of unanswered questions. For instance...

You ever heard of that baby who just hates to eat solid food? Gags on it, spits it out, cries when you try to get him to eat? Well, that's Owen.

Ever heard of that baby who goes through spells where they will only nurse from one side? Yeah, that's Owen too. He has not nursed from my left side in 2 days. NOT comfortable!

Or what about the baby who wakes up every 2 hours through the night just so he can see your face? And then, how can I possibly be mad at him when he looks up at me from the crib with that gigantic smile? That is also Owen.

I could go on and on. This child is such a mystery to me at times. Brent was my "textbook" baby. I like to think of Owen as being creative. He is a baby with style, does things his own way. It can be really exhausting, but does make for good stories. I think I am convinced that God sent me Owen so that I could realize I don't really have it together like I thought I did. I still have much work to do.

Owen is very chill. His favorite thing to do is lay down on the floor on his back on a blankie and just talk or chew on toys. He doesn't roll or scoot. Doesn't really care to go anywhere. He doesn't want to sit up or bounce in his little bouncy toy. Infact, if you leave him in that thing or a Bumbo for more than 10 minutes he gets extrememly vocal and starts yelling at you until you get him out. Brandon calls him lazy, but I just say he's laid back.

Owen loves loves loves Brent. He watches everything he does and anything he does is just the best thing ever. I just love to sit back and watch Owen watch Brent. The sweetest thing in the world.

My previous blog mentioned how much he talks and smiles. He loves for people to talk to him and he will just talk right back and grin the whole time. He has been laughing for a couple months when you tickle him and he's just now starting to laugh some when you scare or surprise him. So cute! I could go on and on. But I will stop here. So Happy Half Birthday my little mystery baby.


Weight: 14.2 (10th percentile)

Height: 25.25 (10th percentile)

....yeah, he's a little guy


There's that smile! I had to buy him a bigger paci because he could put the entire thing in his mouth!

Spring has Sprung

I am especially grateful for Springtime this year after our unusually cold and snowy winter. We've had some really pretty days and have taken full advantage of them by soaking up the sun!

Both boys are growing up so fast in their own way. Brent talks and goes non-stop all day long. Our only moments of quiet used to be when he was asleep or watching a movie. Now we're down to just when he's asleep because he talks all through movies giving us a play-by-play or constantly asking questions. Owen has changed so much just in the last couple of weeks. He is becoming a lot more active and interactive. He has the biggest smile in the whole world. Part of that is because he just has a huge mouth (a trait he can thank his Dad for). He also talks A LOT. I actually mentioned to Brandon just this morning, "how did we end up with such talkative kids?" He said they earned it honestly from someone on his side of the family but I'm not going to mention any names :). They are both such sweet boys and I just love being their mommy!

Brent and I cut some branches off a tree in our back yard to make this Easter Egg Tree.

Brent was given some kiddie golf clubs and has really enjoyed putting around in the yard.

He can finally pedal his trike but still prefers to push it or be pulled.